Issue two came out about a year after issue one. In that time, I’d been promoted from the call centre into a complaints team. It was a really, really, bad fit. I was a father of two, I wasn’t earning enough to support my family, I hadn’t done anything with my degree yet, every design role interview I went to was “We liked you, we liked your portfolio, but the guy we’ve hired is you five years from now with industry experience. Sorry.”, and the complaints role was just constantly dealing with a gatling gun of very angry and upset customers for eight hours a day.

It reached a point where people were leaving (I didn;t blame them) but not being replaced. Targets increased, the office became a pressure cooker, and I was put on a case load for a complex product I had no knowledge of or training in. In the end, I had a full blown panic attack in the office that was so bad I have no memory of it and have to trust entirely secondhand accounts from the people I worked with at the time. I was signed off work for six weeks, got help, and very quickly left that job.

Why am I telling you all of this? Well, I think issue two had a darker tone to it and I believe the stress I was under at the time greatly contributed to that. This issue starts the series down quite a different path but gets to poke loads of fun at Frank Miller along the way.