Hey there, and welcome to my new website! The old page, sjwebster.net, came up for renewal and I noticed that sjwebster.co.uk had finally become available at a quarter of the price so I jumped ship.

You’ll be able to find a summary of all my comics, as well as links to read them, in a dedicated Comics section. There’ll also be the usual blog posts, updates, and thought pieces you’re used to from the old site.

Some pages are still being worked on, and you’ll see a notice on anything that’s still under construction.

I thought long and hard about pulling my old blog posts, reviews, and articles across but, while it was technically very simple, I think all of those could be updated or rewritten in better formats. Specifically:

  • Economics of Indie Comics used data that was new at the time but is now several years old.
  • My views on fan art and the way conventions approach it have shifted since my original article.
  • Some of the things I reviewed have since had new releases, for example the Awesome Comics Podcast was reviewed at episode 100, they recently passed the 200 episode count.

At any rate, please enjoy the new site!